05 Jun

Young men need to live like our caveman ancestors (minus the 30 year life expectancy). 

We have become too soft in this snowflake generation. 

One filled with instant gratification where we can order our dinners on Deliveroo, binge an award winning show on Netflix while endlessly scrolling social media and spend whole days comfortably inside. 

The lives of cavemen lives consisted of the following: 


Simple. Powerful. 

Personally I’ve been on my own caveman-transition journey. 

I’ve started eating single ingredient foods (steak, eggs, nuts etc), dialled in my physical training, and developed a laser focus on my purpose which has contributed to superior mental health. 

I’ve had this deep primal urge recently to move to an isolated cabin in the wilderness and hunt for my food. 

I’m not sure how to explain it - but it feels right. 

If you can relate to this feeling, please leave a comment on this blog post, saying ‘same.’ 

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