The one-week trial consists of the following modules:

1)  personalised physical training program (which can be at home or at a gym depending on your preference) - this is based off the information that you have provided us about your goals, the days you can train, your previous experience, any previous injuries etc...

2)  A personalised nutrition plan - we do not recommend dramatic weight changes within only a week, nevertheless one week is a good time frame to trial new foods to improve your diet.

3) An introduction to our "Iron Mind" course - this includes meditation practices, goal setting and life planning. We use pre-made templates with Notion to aid your one week Iron Mind introduction

How much value you get from the one week trial:
  • 1 week personalised training program (£40 value)
  • 1 week personalised nutrition plan (£30 value)
  • 1 week "Iron Mind" intro course (£20 value)


PRICE: £47 (100% money back guarantee if product is unsatisfactory)

GO TO PRICING OPTIONS BELOW TO PURCHASE. You will receive a questionnaire and within 24 hours, you will have your one week trial!