Patrik M


"I got the book, thank you so much again. I read it once so far, and gotta say, it hit pretty hard, especially the part about the mindset. Also I think it's very well written, I can clearly see that this is something you're truly passionate about. It made me realize, that this is what I should live for. It might sound weird, but I think I have found my purpose from reading this book: it's to help people with nutrition. I will definitely keep on educating myself on it.....I owe a fuck ton to you right now."

Jack P


The 'Smart Eater's Guide to Fat Loss' Ebook was "nice and short yet very informative and helpful"

Claire G


The 'Smart Eater's Guide to Fat Loss' Ebook was "very accessible and easy to understand through the conversational tone. A non-judgemental and helpful approach! Excited to embark on this journey!"

Karman B


"Bro your eBook helped a lot thank you"